My Book
"The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking", published by Sterling Press/Lark Books in 2005 was a labor of love.  I truly enjoy teaching but putting my knowledge to the page was the most challenging project I had taken on in a very long time (save raising two great kids!).  The book has sold extremely well and has received excellent reviews.  Mike Frantz, from Frantz Art Glass was very complimentary as well as many students and beadmakers that I have met over the last few years.   

The book is written to get the beginner beadmaker well on their way to making beads and is also intended to challenge those with experience.  It will stay relevant for a long time.  Many beadmakers tell me that they keep it right at their work bench for information and inspiration. 

Please order "The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking" directly from me and I will be happy to sign the book for you.  The cost is $24.95 plus $2.00 for shipping.  Contact me by email to place an order at