Since my first lampworking class in 1990, I have studied with many generous artists focusing on various techniques.  As my abilities continue to develop with glass and, now metals, I look to enhance my finished jewelry with new designs.  My design eye goes to clean lines, bold colors and shapes.  I also find the creation of murrini or picture cane to be very challenging and fun.  I continue to refine this difficult and detailed form of art.

Below are a sampling of pieces that can be ready for shipment within a few days.  Most can be made in special color combinations or different sizes.  I use fine and sterling silver, gold-filled wire.  I have designed and made all the findings (other than some neck chains).
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Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical Earrings on Argentium Silver wire


Bead Chain Bracelet

Bracelet with 8 or 9 beads on Sterling Silver wire (photo shows necklace in Ocean)


Bead Chain Necklace

Necklace (19-20") with 12-13 beads on Sterling Silver (necklace shown in Ocean)



Bracelet with seven beads on Argentium Silver Wire


Cheerio Bead Earrings

Cheerio beads on Sterling SIlver loops, bead colors to be specified


Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree Earrings on Argentium Silver wire


Christmas Tree Necklace

Christmas Tree pendant on Argentium Silver Wire on 30" black satin cord


Double Bead Earrings

Two bead earrings on Argentium Silver wire


Double Cheerio Bead Earrings

Cheerio bead earrings with two Sterling Silver loops


Drop necklace

Necklace with large focal bead (approx. 22' long) on Argentium Silver Wire (necklace shown in Ocean)


Geometric Earrings

Geometrical Earrings, one square, one triangle on Sterling Silver wires. Colors to be specified by customer


Long Necklace

Long necklace (approx. 46") with hand forged segments and 24 beads on Argentium Silver wire (necklace shown in Autumn)


Short Necklace

Necklace with 16 beads (length approx 20") on Argentium Silver Wire (necklace shown in Autumn)


Silver Lining Necklace

Necklace with large hole beads that are lined with fine silver, hand forged links connect all beads. Three silver linings stamped with messages. Special order messages available.


Single Bead 1/2 and 1/2 earrings

Single bead earrings with two colors on Argentium Silver wire


Single Bead Earrings

Single bead earrings with stringer decorations on Argentium Silver with french wire or hoops


Sterling Square with Bead Earrings

Sterling Silver Square with Harlequin or Encased Frit bead